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Kipor Super Silent Series:

Kipor Super Silent Series

Extreme weather, construction, and many other unforeseen complications can interrupt…more

Kipor Ultra Silent Series:

Kipor Ultra Silent Series

True to their reputation of being the leading generator manufacturer, KIPOR launched a totally new…more

Kipor Generators:

The foundation of the KIPOR generator family general-purpose generator is renowned for an extreme balance between price and performance. KIPOR is a cost-effective and top-quality brand, ensuring customer peace of mind. KIPOR continues to research technology available, ensuring customers experience superior product service in the power generators South Africa market.

Maverick Generators is proud to introduce our new and innovative product line to our clients. As industry leaders we are constantly expanding our knowledge, products and services and we now specialise in Electrical Panels and Components including

  • Isolator Switches
  • Synchronization Panels
  • Distribution Boards
  • Push Button Station.

  • 5kVA single phase 230v
  • Efficient single cylinder diesel engine
  • Electric start
  • Dual 240 V AC x 15 A outlets
  • Powerful 12 V DC charger
  • Ideal for home backup power and small workshop applications
  • 6-months 500 hours warranty

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“Life goes on even when the power goes out”

Extreme weather, construction, and many other unforeseen complications can interrupt the electrical service which you and your family depend on to continue your daily activities. With a KIPOR HOME standby power system, life goes on even when the power goes out.

When electricity is lost – day or night – you can be assured that your home will have all the comfort and convenience you depend on. KIPOR is known as a renowned generator manufacturer because of the innovative approach in the design of their generators.

Unique & Compact Structure:

The generator set has a compact and unique design. The exhaust is ducted out the top cover facilitation installation. The layout of the oil and coolant inlet has been redesigned to permit easier access for services.

Low Noise Operation:

The KIPOR super silent generator series offer unparalleled low noise levels. KIPOR employs an unique double air inlet and outlet design. The generator is equipped with a built-in large attenuating muffler and additional sound insulation liners to limit noise.

Digital Control Panel:

The digital control panel makes operating and maintaining the set easier and safer. Real-time data such as amperage, voltage, and frequency levels give immediate information to the operator. Additionally, warning lamps immediately alert the operator of any extraordinary running condition.

High Quality Power Output:

The improved AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator) limits fluctuation to a very low level ensuring a smooth and steady output. Additionally, the AVR features built-in overload protection and will automatically shut off the output at 110 % of rated load.

Competitive Economic Advantage:

The large capacity fuel tank provides extended running time. The high efficiency combustion system is designed to reduce fuel consumption and operating costs.

ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch):

The ATS continually monitors utility power and if voltage or frequency fall below acceptable levels, it commands the generator to start automatically and connect generator power to the intended load. Once proper utility power is restored, the ATS stops the generator and reconnects utility power. The ATS has been designed to be installed either inside or outside the generator set.

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KDE 12STA Specs

KDE 19STA Specs

KDE-12STA3 Specs

KDE 19STA03 Specs

“Whenever…wherever…with KIPOR…”

True to their reputation of being the leading generator manufacturer, KIPOR launched a totally new series of generators named ULTRA SILENT GENERATORS. They are applicable to construction sites, the workplace, or for emergency standby operations. The ultra silent generator sets not only provide the features of the super silent generators but greatly reduced the running noise.

The running noise of KIPOR Ultra Silent generator sets is an unprecedented 53dB@7m. This great improvement is due to the unique design features employed by KIPOR engineers. KIPOR applies a electronic cooling fan instead of the engine driven fan improving the cooling performance and lowering noise. The unique air handling system reduces the bulk of the engine noise. A double muffler and the use of high quality acoustic absorbing material result in maximum silencing.

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KDE-13SS3 Specs

KDE-16SS Specs

KDE20SS3 Specs

KDE25SS Specs

KDE35SS3 Specs

KDE60SS3 Specs

KDE45SS3 Specs


  • perkins
  • scania
  • volvo penta
  • cummins

Maverick Generators also specialises in the manufacturing of parallel synchronization panels, automatic mains failure panels, base load panels as well as ATS systems.